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Securing our Customers, Large and Small

Securing your business (CCTV Cameras)

At Fuse, we strive to ensure your systems are efficient, compliant and secure.  

We can assist with either making existing systems more secure, or moving our customers over to a new environment, making use of various Microsoft security solutions, and implementing security by design. 

How have we helped our other customers?

Enterprise Customers

Working on behalf of a global, 'household name' organization, Fuse has assisted in evaluating aspects of their environment's security posture. By following the organization's strict security requirements, our team has been able to successfully identify and rectify multiple vulnerabilities, potentially saving the customer huge sums of money from being lost to data leaks, ransomware attacks and other malicious entities. 

With our team working collaboratively alongside the organization's employees across the globe, we have been able to streamline the security evaluation process and generate expert documentation to assist with their business operations for years to come. At Fuse, we aim to not only carry out work ourselves, but give our customers the tools and knowledge they need to keep their systems secure in-house, and leave them in the strongest possible position moving forward. 

However, it is not only huge global organizations being targeted by malicious attacks - If anything, smaller companies are more at risk than the bigger ones. 

Small & Medium Businesses

CEO's and high ranking company figures are the ones most likely to be targeted by phishing or brute force attacks, for obvious reasons. These are also the accounts which cause the most issues when taken down by such attacks. We typically see these accounts being targeted multiple times from various sources, but our implemented security features are intelligent enough to identify these attacks, and block them before any unauthorised access has succeeded. We can set these up to assess factors such as sign in locations, times and unusual activity. 

At Fuse, we have acquired small-business customers who have been compromised by such attacks prior to speaking to us, and have needed urgent, immediate assistance to get back to working order. Using logical, best-practice approaches, we have been able to first isolate and rectify compromised accounts and reverse any unauthorised changes. From there we can then utilize our Microsoft Gold Partnership, and vast knowledge of available products to then implement a solution to secure and apply ongoing protection. 

If you have any doubts over of the security of any servers, endpoints, operating systems or applications, get in touch today to see how we can help. 

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Fuse is a Microsoft Partner, based in Northampton. We help organisations of all sizes to maximise IT efficiencies through the use of Microsoft cloud computing solutions.

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