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3 Ways Your Company Can Reap the Benefits of Microsoft Viva: Microsoft’s Employee Experience Platform

Employee experience management platforms are at the heart of improving workplace productivity and collaboration, fostering a shared business culture in which everyone is on-board with the vision and ethos of the company. Employee retention, too, is a key benefit, as workers who feel valued and empowered to play a role in the business’s growth are less likely to seek new experiences elsewhere.

How Microsoft Viva Can Benefit Your Business

Microsoft Viva – the innovative employee experience platform that builds upon the successes of Microsoft Teams and 365 – assimilates powerful tools for employee engagement, learning, knowledge, and wellbeing, and channels them directly into your team’s workflow. Viva aims to support employees as they learn and progress, while helping their organisations to achieve higher productivity and employee engagement.

Benefit 1: Improve The Employee Experience

There’s little that is rewarding about hopelessly trawling through reams of electronic documents and data in the search for information. Productivity and employee satisfaction plummet in equal measure. Microsoft Viva Topics can transform the employee experience by putting the information they need in a central resource, slashing search times and improving the flow of information through the business. Artificial intelligence is utilised to pull down information from multiple sources into a knowledge hub – a business Wikipedia that will empower your staff to crack on with their work, with all resources at their fingertips.

Training, too, is often overlooked in the employee experience, even though a programme of professional development is a significant factor in employee retention. Through Microsoft Viva’s Learning module, employees are provided with a hub of in-house and external training resources, while managers can design bespoke training opportunities for staff that address their professional interests or help to close the skills gap.

Benefit 2: Drive Business Decisions

Microsoft Viva’s Insights module promises to revolutionise the way that managers make decisions affecting their employees, particularly in human resource management, onboarding, and staff wellbeing.

Insights allows both individual team members and business leaders to obtain a personalised view of their performance, enabling them to build better work habits through AI-driven actionable recommendations. Improved connectivity and collaboration with colleagues improve workplace efficiency, while core priorities are protected by ensuring colleagues can focus on the task in hand, instead of being submerged by other demands.

With Viva Insight, managers can make more informed decisions based on real-time performance data in a range of scenarios. For example, onboarding improvements could be achieved with more incisive data-driven insights, while performance and salary reviews could take account of relevant information generated in the Viva platform.

Benefit 3: Enhance Employee Engagement

A shared ethos and vision, underpinned by a corporate culture, is crucial to the success of modern businesses, but you need every employee to be on the same page to achieve this.

With Viva Connections, every member of staff will have personalised access to a digital gateway, where they can discover company information, updates, news, or resources through SharePoint. Improved connections between individuals and teams enables the accurate dissemination of information, improving clarity and avoiding confusion, so everyone in the organisation feels involved and informed.

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