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A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Viva: The Employee Experience Platform

The workplaces of today are constantly evolving as technology delivers new tools to promote collaboration, problem solving, learning, and employee engagement. More than ever before, people are at the heart of the way modern companies do business; therefore, innovative products, such as Microsoft Viva, are a lifeline for organisations seeking an employee experience platform to put their employees’ wellbeing, knowledge, and learning centre stage.

At Fuse Collaboration, we’re a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner with over two decades of providing the latest pioneering IT solutions for our customers. We’re in a prime position to deliver Microsoft Viva for your business, offering your team new ways to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency.

What Is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that fuses Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams with an assortment of valuable tools that improve employee engagement and experience. There are four categories of functionality in Microsoft Viva which are brought together on a single convenient platform:

1) Viva Connections
Powered by SharePoint, Viva Connections ensures that everyone in your organisation is fully informed, using artificial intelligence to improve engagement between individuals and entire teams.

Viva Connections is tailored for each user, giving them access to essential digital resources and allowing them to connect more easily with others – an essential tool in the digital, and often remote, workplace. Managers can ensure that everyone has access to the information, announcements, and conversations they need through a modernised branded dashboard.

  • Easy access to key documents, policies, and business information.
  • A rolling company newsfeed.
  • Revamped, brandable, and customisable dashboard.
  • Access to broadcasts for managers and team leaders.

2) Viva Insights
Viva Insights provides managers with the ability to track their employees’ productivity and to plan actions based on real-time information to improve the way their teams work, as well as to enhance staff wellbeing through targeted interventions.

All information is anonymised so that managers can only see trends, thus protecting each employee’s data; however, individual team members can benefit from insight into their workdays so they can make adjustments to improve their wellbeing, such as making more time for breaks.

  • Functionality to track trends across the organisation.
  • Detailed insights for individual workers.
  • Dashboard that enables employees to combine feedback with Viva Insights.
  • Integrations with other apps, such as Headspace.

3) Viva Learning
Professional development is the key to improving employee retention, so Viva Learning ensures that workforce education is a priority even when your teams are working remotely.

Viva Learning combines all learning resources and modules into a single location on the platform, including your business’s content library and tools from other providers, such as Microsoft Learn and LinkedIn Learn. Managers can assign training courses, webinars, and other opportunities to employees to help them to achieve their professional goals or address shortfalls in their knowledge and skills.

  • Easy sharing of learning resources for individual staff.
  • Promotes discussion and interaction through Microsoft Teams.
  • Seamless integration with many learning providers and solutions.
  • Simple tracking of employee learning opportunities.

4) Viva Topics
Knowledge is power, so Viva Topics makes it easy for employees to quickly put their hands on the information they require. When empowered with expertise and knowledge, your staff will be able to adapt to changes in the workplace, while connecting with others throughout the organisation.

Employees benefit from a personalised platform where the news, tools, and conversations they need are stored – in essence, a Wikipedia for the digital workforce. By implementing artificial intelligence to organise content more efficiently, Viva Topics can pull down relevant data from a range of Microsoft apps and third-party platforms such as Salesforce, ensuring the right people receive the information they need.

  • Integration with Microsoft and third-party apps.
  • Efficient search capability.
  • AI-enhanced organisation.
  • Less need to switch apps constantly.

Contact Fuse Collaboration For More Information

At Fuse Collaboration, we provide our clients with innovative tools to increase the productivity, collaboration, and efficiency of their workforce. To find out more about Microsoft Viva’s employee experience management platform, please get in touch today.


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